Advanced Digital Video

Advanced Digital Video
Grades: 10-12
Duration: 1 Year

Graduation Requirement: Visual and Performing Arts or Elective

This course is for students that have finished the Digital Film-making class and who wish to continue in video production. This class offers students a hands-on training in video production and advanced digital video skills. Students will learn advanced skills in digital camcorders, non-linear editing software and production studio equipment. The emphasis of this course is on refining advanced skills and techniques including planning, producing, directing, editing and performing for video.

Team and individual videos will be produced as well as Monthly principal’s reports that are posted to the Healdsburg Unified School Districts website. Students will record, produce and broadcast videos of school and community events. This course emphasizes creating a flexible and creative working atmosphere that stresses profession productivity and responsible and mature broadcasting standards.

This course is run as a professional production team. In addition to class hours, additional hours will be required outside of class time to complete a number of video assignments each semester. The class operates as a working environment that is flexible; creative; self paced; and provides off-campus privileges for students to complete video projects.

Students in this course will also work as a team to produce a special group assignment each semester that will be submitted to the SCOE Career Technical Education Film Festival, as well as, other local film festivals.  All Advanced students are given additional time both in and outside of class to complete the Apple Training Series in the industry standard Final Cut Pro 7 software and will have the opportunity to take a industry certification exam. This is a great opportunity to expand your talents as a director, editor, producer, or camera operator.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Digital Filmmaking with a grade of B- or better. Students with prior video experience may complete a written and hands on test given by the instructor to enter this class without the prerequisite.