The Instructor

John Chevalier
Digital Video Instructor
Apple Certified Trainer

Over the years, there isn’t very much that John Chevalier (“Mr. C”) hasn’t done. Along with being a teacher/trainer and video producer, he is a visionary who gets up every morning wondering; “How can I change the world today?”

John’s work has not been limited to the public school system, where he currently teaches, but has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at conferences, nationwide. His areas of strength are Overcoming Obstacles, Discovering Your Vision, Team Building, Leadership & Program Development and Multimedia Communication. John is known for his straightforward approach and his practical style of teaching. He is also an Apple Certified Trainer for the industry standard Final Cut Pro video editing software.

Beginning his career as an audio engineer and professional musician, between the ages of 15-19, John traveled all over Upstate New York playing in several successful semi-pro rock bands. By age 19 he was managing a local business and by age 25 he had a flourishing career as a Honda Automotive Specialist. He left the repair end of the business in 1990 to manage a local repair shop and has been in various aspects of management, sales, customer service and leadership ever since. He has developed some of the most practical training lessons in leadership and multi-media communication and has been a popular conference speaker.

In 2006 John decided to take his passion for training to another level and accepted an offer to teach at a local high school. Since then he has been teaching Digital Video Technology for the Sonoma County Office of Education’s Career Technical Education Program. During the school year you can find him overseeing his high school classroom, which he developed into the first Apple Authorized Training Center for Education in Sonoma County.

When he’s not in the classroom, John continues to use his leadership skills and team-building principles to better equip small businesses, educators, churches and nonprofit corporations. He has been a regular speaker at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Conference and the INFOCOMM Convention (two of the largest media conferences in the world) and is on the Editorial Advisory Team for Technologies for Worship Magazine where he is a regular contributor. You can even catch him in your area, as he continues to travel and teach at various national conferences.

John was recently featured on the Press Democrat’s website and you can find his interview by CLICKING HERE.